Monday, March 15, 2010

Summary Care Record

NHS Devon is planning to introduce a new system for managing your patient records, so that a brief summary of important information is available to healthcare professionals directly involved in treating you. The new NHS summary care records will be provided for every Devon resident who would like one. NHS Devon believe they will improve patient safety and clinical care. There will be important safeguards about consent and confidentiality. You can also choose not to have one.

What is the NHS summary care record?

Having an NHS summary care record means that any doctor or clinician who is treating you will be able to look at a secure, electronic system and see the following details: what medicines you are taking, any allergies you have, and whether you have had bad reactions to any medicines. This information can be vitally important, especially in an emergency.
The summary care record will not replace your normal health records, and will not contain a full medical history. The summary care record means that if you have an accident, become unwell when you are away from home, or need treatment out of normal hours, then the healthcare staff treating you will have immediate access to important information about you. NHS Devon believe this will help make your care safer and better.
Over time, health professionals treating you may add details about any health problems and summaries of your care. Every time further information is added to your record, you will be asked if you agree.

Patients can also use the information line to find out more information or to request opt-out forms:

The Information Line is open daily from 7am to 10pm on 0845 6038510
Summary Care Record website information is on

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