Monday, June 18, 2018

E Consult - Go Live 2nd July 18

From 2nd July patients with access to the internet will be able to use eConsult. 


Next time you need an appointment you could save time by starting an online consultation. 

You can do it anytime, anywhere and even on your mobile device. 


How does it work?


1.      From 2nd July 2018 you will be able to go to our website at

2.      Click the button to contact our doctors online

3.      You will be asked the same questions a doctor would in a face to face appointment

4.      A doctor will look at your answers and we will get back to you by the end of the next working day

5.      If the doctor thinks you need a prescription it can be sent straight to your local pharmacist

6.      If the doctor needs more information we will get in touch

7.      There's an option for administration requests eg med3.  Fill out the form and we'll get back to you by the end of the next working day. 


Why we are doing this?


1.      Improves patient access

2.      Online  medical advice 24/7

3.      Self help and symptom checking

4.      Reliable, trustworthy information syndicated from NHS Choices

5.      Puts you in touch with appropriate alternative care

6.      Cuts consultation times

7.      Helps improve care

8.      Makes better use of other primary care services

Friday, June 1, 2018

Statement from Coleridge Medical Centre and Clinton Devon Estates

A statement from the Coleridge Medical Centre and Clinton Devon Estates regarding the proposed new medical centre in Newton Poppleford, near Sidmouth.

The Ottery St Mary-based Coleridge Medical Centre has withdrawn its interest in renting a proposed new GP surgery in the East Devon village of Newton Poppleford which was to be built by the landowner Clinton Devon Estates near to a development of 40 new homes at King Alfred Way. 

A spokesman for the Coleridge Medical Centre said:

“It is with some regret that we have made a decision to withdraw from the intended move to new premises at King Alfred Way. Since 2012/2013, when this project first started, GP care and strategy for premises has evolved considerably across the country with much more emphasis on innovative ways of working and a broadening range of co-located staff to provide specialist support and in shared premises. Any changes to the existing premises landscape are referenced to move us towards, rather than away from, that deemed nationally as best practice for our populations.

We would like to thank the residents of Newton Poppleford for supporting the provision of a new branch surgery and to Clinton Devon Estates for committing to provide a building. We would also like to thank NHS England and NEW Devon CCG in assisting us reach this decision.

We are currently working with commissioners at NHS England and NEW Devon CCG to consider how best to meet the needs, not only of the people in the Newton Poppleford area but to our wider practice population. At this time we intend to continue to run the existing branch surgery within the village, while reviewing options for developing and integrating services in the longer term as the population grows and general practice continues to evolve.”

Planning approval for the GP surgery near to 40 new homes, 16 of which are designated as affordable housing for local people, was granted by the Planning Inspectorate in March 2017.

Leigh Rix, Head of Property and Land for Clinton Devon Estates, said: “As an organisation that has a very long association with this area we strive for sustainable development to help communities prosper for years to come. As well as providing a good mix of new open market and affordable homes, we had been very keen to provide a modern GP building for the village.

“After almost six years of jointly developing plans and specifications for a new surgery, it is understandably very disappointing that the Coleridge Medical Practice have felt unable to proceed in the current circumstances.

“Over the coming weeks, we will review the options available to us with our development partner Cavanna Homes.”


For further information please contact Susan Stokes, Practice Manager at Coleridge Medical Centre on 01404 814447 or Annette Richman at KOR Communications on 01392 466733.