Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Carers Project

The Carers Project in its current form ended on the 31 March 2011. We joined this Pilot Project in the first stage in July 2008 providing support and advice appointments for Carers. In the second phase starting in March 2010 the appointments became more structured, with a preparatory workbook for Carers to complete, and the option of a vascular check when indicated. Both pilots have been subject to an evaluation study carried out by the University of Plymouth, and direct feedback to the NHS, to support the development of new policies focusing on the welfare of all Carers.

When we started in 2008 we had very limited awareness of how many of our patients were Carers. To date we have now identified 302 Carers and provided 194 of them with Carers check appointments and ongoing support and advice. For the future we await details of new specification for Carers Support in Devon. More details on this when available, will be posted on our website and included in the next Practice Newsletter.

*Carers Week 13th - 19th June 2011*

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