Friday, July 8, 2011


It has been a busy year for our research team and we are grateful to the sixty people who have agreed to take part in a wide range of studies. Thank you to those who may have volunteered but did not quite fit the required criteria for study.

Last year we recruited patients to the 'SNIFS' (Steam Inhalation and Nasal Irrigation For recurrent Sinusitis) research project run by the University of Southampton. We have just started a pilot study organised by the University of Warwick called 'DDELPHI' (Doctor Delivered Physical activity Intervention) in which a select group of six people are given a pedometer and measure the number of steps they take in a week. These studies are long term, but eventually we will be able to report results in our newsletter.

We also work with our local researchers at the RD&E Hospital and Peninsula Medical School. The Diabetes department is particularly active and diabetic patients get regular invitations to take part in studies. This research is very useful in developing treatment in the long term but there is no pressure on anyone to take part. Please let us know if you would prefer not to be contacted.

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