Thursday, February 7, 2013

Jazzy Jar Fundraising

Back in June last year we had a Jazzy Jars competition (the best decorated Jar wins!) for the Jubilee, which raised £104. The money raised has been given to Alan Rowe in Honiton, who runs The Baton. They are responsible for raising awareness of problems encountered by members of the forces, past and present. They do things like climbing very high mountains to put flags on, sending batons (the endstops on field stretchers) round the world with troops and joining in with charities such as Help the Heroes.This organisation doesn't raise funds itself, but can redistribute any money that goes their way.

Recently they became aware of a local man who has been invalided out of the services due to severe injury. He is in dire need of financial help, as are a lot of people locally in the same situation. They can get help but it take a long time for the forms to be processed etc. The Salvation Army have said they will provide funds for a washing machine as he has to have bedding changed several times a night due to problems caused by his injuries. The baton have decided that they will hold an emergency fund, which can be used to get small sums of money straight to anyone finding life very hard whilst waiting for more permanent help. Our money has gone into this pot.

A big thank you to all the staff at Coleridge!

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