Friday, September 27, 2013

I'm not feeling well and the surgery is closed.........

Many minor ailments are self-limiting (which means they get better over time) and can be treated or symptoms alleviated with over the counter medicines eg pain killers for aches and pains, creams and medicines for insect bites, cold sores and other minor skin irritations, cough and cold, indigestion and heart burn remedies.    The local pharmacists can give you more information and advice. If you have a minor illness and you are no better within a couple of days or your symptoms are worsening please DO get in touch.

If you are not sure what to do and we are closed, please dial 111 for advice from the NHS 111 service.

999 and A&E departments are for medical emergencies
GP out of hours service is for urgent medical problems that cannot wait until we reopen

If you take regular medication please always ensure that you have enough to cover the weekend.  Repeat prescription orders can take 48 hours for us to process, please plan ahead.  

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