Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Better late than never

Flu vaccinations are still available* - please book your appointment soon.

The practice is very busy when flu clinics are running.  When you come for your flu jab, for your own  safety and comfort, please:

  • only attend if you have a pre booked appointment.  It's easy to get an appointment - phone up or book online but please do not turn up without an appointment.  Our clinics are reviewed beforehand so that we have enough vaccine available and the health professionals running the clinics are aware of the patients who will be attending.
  • park in the Land of Canaan car park or Sainsburys

  • arrive on time, and no more than five minutes before your appointment
  • while you are waiting, take off your coat and roll up your sleeve
  • make a separate appointment with your doctor or nurse if you have any other health matters that you would like to discuss. The flu clinics are for administering flu vaccine only.
  • cancel and rebook your appointment if you have experienced any vomiting or diarrhea within the previous 48 hours.   Please also cancel and rebook if you feel unwell, have a high temperature or an infection.
You should tell the nurse before your vaccination if you are allergic to either eggs or chicken, if you have had a reaction to a previous flu jab and/or if you are allergic to antibiotics.

Flu vaccines are generally safe and well-tolerated.  Some people might develop tenderness and welling at the site of the injection.  A small number may experience any of the following: fever, headache, general aches and tiredness which may last one or two days.  If this occurs you may find paracetamol helpful (check that this is suitable for you by reading the instructions).

Sever allergic reactions following vaccinations are very rare and usually occur soon after vaccination.  If you develop symptoms such as breathlessness, swelling or a rash you should seek prompt medical attention.

*subject to eligibility

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