Monday, May 11, 2015

About the North and East Devon Breast Screening Service

Eligible women registered with this practice will shortly be invited to attend breast screening.

The arrangements are those stipulated by the NHS Breast Screening Programme.  All women aged between 47-70 years will receive a written invitation to be screened every 3 years.  The first screen is NOT automatic at age 47 years but will be between 47 and 49 years and before her 50th birthday. Women 71 and over are welcome to be screened but need to contact the screening office directly for an appointment on 01392 262600.

Previous breast cancer does not exclude women from the screening programme.  It is very important that these women are invited to screening as mammography may not be part of their rountine follow-up and this is National Policy.    Women who have had bilateral mastectomy will not be invited.

Special clinics are available to cater for women with disabilities or learning difficulties.  On these days the appointments times are extended and there is a lift available both in the static and mobile screening units.  Unfortunately due to size constraints motorised scooters cannot be accommodated.

After the mammogram the women will be sent the results by letter within 3 weeks and the GP will also be informed.

The mobile screening unit will be situated at Ottery St Mary Hospital from June to August 2015.

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