Monday, July 20, 2015

Ear Syringing Update

Due to the shortage of nursing time with sickness and retirement some non essential nursing procedures have had to be suspended for the time being. Ear syringing is one of the services we hope to resume later in the year.

In the meantime the message from Philly Evans, Nurse Practitioner is:-

Please continue to oil your ears with olive oil and the wax may soften and come out on its own. You can also get sodium bicarbonate ear drops which are astringent and can make the ear sore but break the wax up to allow it to  come out naturally.

Please telephone us is only if you have earache or Audiology/RDE have asked you to get your ears syringed.  We have created a waiting list and patients will be contacted once our staffing levels are back to normal.  

Please note that NHS Walk In Centres will only syringe audiology appointment  waiting list patients

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