Monday, August 3, 2015


Cold Calling Incident – have you been contacted?
This week NHS England SW has received two reports from two GP surgeries in the North and East of Cornwall regarding a company who had cold-called one of their patients, seemingly with the patient’s medical history. (In the first incident the company allegedly claimed they had obtained this information from the patient’s GP Surgery).

The company are trying to sell electronic beds and chairs and pressurise the customer into agreeing to a sales appointment.

This incident is similar to one reported in the Exeter area in March, but at that time it targeted patients with arthritis.

If you experience such an incident, please do the following:
·         Write down as much information about the call as you can.
·         inform us immediately and tell us what happened via our email address (attention Practice Manager)
·         Inform the police

We will inform and share information given to us with NHS England.

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