Tuesday, December 18, 2018

News Flash - Ears/Ear Syringing



We are currently experiencing a high demand for patient care and we are also making some changes to Primary Care for next year.

Patients are asking about ear syringe appointments which are currently available in the 3rd week of January 2019

Ear syringe appointments are offered to those who need them ,prior to  an Audiology appointment at RD+E

If you are suffering in pain or with an acute ear condition the acute service team will be happy to examine and advise you – please ring and ask for a clinician to phone you back.

We cannot offer ear syringe appointments as urgent work – we have to manage our service according to needs and ear syringe appointments are low priority when we are at maximum stretch.  This is not NHS work and although we usually offer ear syringe appointments and we do understand how distressing this can be, we have put this service on hold for the present time.  Please note-some other practices do not offer routine ear syringing services at all.

Your options are
  • Continue to use oil into the affected ear(s) laying down for 5 minutes, at least 3 x daily .This allows the oil to soften any hard ,stuck ,wax debris -.do not use cotton wool as this absorbs the oil from the ear canal .
  • Ear drops containing sodium bicarbonate can be purchased over the counter at pharmacies –this bubbles and breaks up hard wax but can cause soreness in the ear canal
  • There are private ear clinics in the vicinity which will syringe or micro suction your ears for you, but there will be a fee.

Please choose your options above and we will endeavour to return to usual service and capacity at the first opportunity

Thank you
Philly Evans
Nurse Manager on behalf of Coleridge Medical Centre

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