Friday, August 2, 2019

Focus on E-Consult

We offer eConsult to allow our patients to get medical help without making an appointment or calling the practice.  Patients can also get health advice online.  Start your consultation here

By clicking the most appropriate link you can:

  • self check your symptoms 24/7 and find medical guidance that is written by doctors.
  • get administrative help (eg get a medical certificate)
  • seek medical advice from our doctors in the practice
When a response is requested we aim to do so by the end of the next working day, either by email (don't forget to check your junk email folder) or with a phone call from a clinician if more appropriate. 

Important notes:
  • This is only for over 18s registered with our practice.
  • It is not an appropriate route to seek urgent medical help
  • It is not a bypass or shortcut for requesting a GP appointment

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