Monday, May 4, 2020

Information about Online Postal Service Pharmacies

Please note we do not arrange for medication to be delivered or posted, that is between the pharmacies and patient to organise. If patients are using postal service pharmacies, there can be quite a wait for the medication to be posted. Some are stating 2 weeks from receiving the prescription to processing and delivering. The patient will need to check the terms and conditions with the provider. Please note that if they sign up online to postal service pharmacies it is NOT linked to the physical high street version - ie is nothing to do with Well next door, is nothing to do with local Boots , so they are unable to help with issues and concerns.

Please be aware that our reception team are here to help, and signpost patients with medical assistance.
We serve a wonderful community and we are doing our best to keep both our community and staff safe in these trying times. Please do not be offended by questions that need to be asked prior to allowing the public into the building, this is to keep everyone as safe as we can and limiting unnecessary contact.

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