Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Self Care

There has been plenty in the press concerning pressures on the NHS and that most of us could do more to look after ourselves in a healthy way, whether it's brushing teeth, treating minor ailments at home, doing some exercise or eating healthily.

If you have a long term condition there are extra things you may need to consider. Patients with long term conditions are invited to Expert Patients Programme. This is a self management course which is free for patients who live with a long term health condition.

The course looks at ways to help you manage living with your health condition. Participants report they have felt more confident and more in control of their lives since doing this course.

A similar course is available for anyone with caring responsibilities for someone with a long term health condition or disability, called the "Looking After Me" course.

To reserve your place on these courses or speak to the organiser, please contact 0800 073 0792 (calls to this number are free). Leave your name and telephone number and a member of the team will call you back.

The Expert Patient Programme and Looking After Me are services commissioned by NHS Devon.

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