Thursday, July 25, 2013

Research Update

by Dr Lisa Gibbons, GP Research Lead
Many of you may have noticed our new research notice board in the entrance area.  We are keen to share our interest and enthusiasm for medical research with our patients and allow everyone the opportunity to participate in research. We believe that good quality research can help improve knowledge about illness and improve treatments. There can also be many individual benefits to getting involved too.

We are a member of our local NHS research network which is a national programme to ensure the highest quality, ethically approved and relevant research is performed in general practice in the UK.  We will be displaying our current studies on our notice board and our website, so please take a minute to check out the latest research at Our local research network just  awarded us the prize for best website and notice board this month!!

Currently we are offering a number of diabetes studies which are based in the internationally recognised centre for diabetes research in Exeter. These studies are trying to understand how specific medication can be tailored to individual diabetics to give the best diabetic care.

We have a study to look at new 'atrial fibrillation (irregular heart beat) and warfarin' and a new study to look at simple treatments for sore throats.

Everyone can get involved so please have a look at the exciting work that is going on to seek to improve medical care through research.

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