Monday, March 23, 2020

update on access to services 23 March 2020 14:42

Please stay at home and follow national guidance and advice that can be found via the links on our web site, national newspapers, TV, radio and social media.

We are turning people on foot away from our premises unless the visit here has been pre-arranged with us over the telephone. We know our phone lines are busy, we have additional lines in place and at present the staff to man them. Use e-consult as an alternative if you need help with a medical problem.

A new booking system is now in place - please only phone on the day you need help. You will not be able to book in advance without speaking to a clinician first.
From tomorrow (Tuesday 24th March) Whimple surgery will be closed to the public.

Our plan is to maintain access to doctors and nurses to help those who are medically unwell. We can only do this by putting measures in place to keep you and all the staff here as safe as possible.

Please share among your family, friends and local community.

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